"A most unlikely place to find such good wine!"

This was a comment made by one of our first customers. He was right, you would not expect to find such good wine on a working farm and sold out of an old barn. But what we lack in grand buildings we make up for with excellent wine, great service and a relaxing country atmosphere. 

If you judge wine by the curb appeal of the building it is sold from, then we are probably not for you. But if quality Virginia wine and down to earth, wine loving people are what appeals to you then we may be what you are looking for.

When you visit us you will have great wine and a wonderful wine experience, from our one-on-one service, where you can talk to the Owners about wine, to the rustic and relaxing tasting room. We offer indoor seating in the tasting room, a spacious deck area, and huge open meadows where you can enjoy a picnic lunch. Our quiet atmosphere, pastoral views, and great company are a perfect way to wind down from the stress of the work week.

​Bring a picnic lunch. We have open meadows to enjoy, or grab a table in the vineyard. 
Or set yourself up under the sail shade on the deck, or in the A/C of the tasting room.
They don't call us the Picnic Winery for nothing!

Please call ahead for groups of 8 or larger.

No Buses please, we simply do not have the room.

Limos are welcome, please call first and arrive before 1PM.

Absolutely NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL allowed. This violates our Virginia ABC license and could cause us to loose our license. Violators will be considered trespassers and will be treated as such.

Wineries are adult spaces. However children are welcome at Chateau MerrillAnne provided they are closely watched and well behaved. PLEASE do not let your children run around without supervision. This is a farm and there are areas that could be dangerous for a child. Please be courteous of other patrons who come here to enjoy the quiet country atmosphere. 

Bringing the best of the vineyard home to your table.
​The tasting room is open March thru November. Check the "Contact Us" page for hours.

Chateau MerrillAnne

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