​2015 Palace White      $18.00/Bottle

This classic white wine features the fruit forward Cayuga and offers a citrusy freshness and light minerality. Made in a Sauvignon Blanc style. Notes of citrus and fruit are followed by a pleasantly long finish. An extremely versatile and food friendly wine.

Pairs well with artichoke dip, veggie dishes or dips, garlic or Italian seasonings in creamy sauces, salads, Thai food, fish (sushi) and poultry.


2013 Chardonnay      $18.00/Bottle

Our barrel fermented Chardonnay is a smooth, premium quality Chardonnay. By using neutral barrels for both fermenting and aging, we add just a kiss of oak flavor for an incredibly well-balanced wine. The result is a big white wine that is smooth on the palate.

Pairs well with seafood, poultry, cream sauces and vegetarian dishes.

 2016 Viognier        $19.00/Bottle

Our 2016 Viognier has beautiful aromas of honeysuckle and peach followed by a full-flavored mouthfeel accompanied by fresh, bright acidity. A medium bodied white wine with a balanced and sustaining finish. The perfect white wine to rescue your palate from the ordinary.

Pairs well with both rich foods such as chicken in cream sauce or spicy dishes.

 2015 Palace Red        $21.00/Bottle

This beautiful dry red blend of Chambourcin and Merlot features rich fruit flavors with low, supple tannins. Goes well with beef, lamb and grilled foods, but will not overwhelm poultry and fish. Truly an all-purpose red wine.

Pairs well with grilled fish or meats, or with a warm vegetable salad.


2016 Cabernet Sauvignon        $24.00/Bottle

Our 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon is a medium bodied red with rich fruit flavors highlighted by notes of leather and smoke. Its velvety dryness is perfectly balanced by its acidity. A beautifully made red wine.

Pairs well with red meats, grilled foods, and dark chocolate.

 2016 Governor Spotswood       $24.00/Bottle

This 2016 version of our signature Bordeaux blend features 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot. This elegant red wine is rich, complex, and beautifully layered. With 18 months in toasted french oak you will get notes of vanilla and smoke. Tremendous fruit flavors and a sumptuous finish make this wine a Virginia classic.

Pairs will with beef or grilled vegetables.


2015 Grimalkin        $18.00/Bottle

This Chambourcin blush is made in the dry, French style. It's fresh acidity and bright red berry flavors are a precursor to a crisp, smooth finish.

Pairs well with cheese and grilled fish.

2016 Vin Gris      $18.00/Bottle

The nose of this 100% Chambourcin blush is very fruity with the fragrance of ripe red fruit bursting through. The wine exhibits flavors that are reminiscent of fresh raspberries with a smooth finish. It is lightly sweet with 2.5% residual sugar.

Pairs well with goat cheese and other picnic favorites.

2015 Cabernet Franc     $24.00/Bottle

 This rich, dry and elegant Cab Franc features aromas of black raspberries, spices and bell pepper. The smooth full-bodied palate is fruit forward with a very light black pepper finish. This is a wine of both structure and finesse and will be a great compliment to almost any food.

Pairs well with rack of lamb, pork chops and roast beef.

2015 Petite Verdot      $24.00/Bottle

Swirl the glass and enjoy the aroma! On the palate the fruit flavor is surrounded by full, fluffy tannin while the firm mouth feel holds it all together.​ A real red lovers wine. The perfect partner for red meat dishes.

Pairs well with steak, rack of lamb and any seared red meat dishes.

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